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CopierLand, New Hydraulic Guillotine and Post-Print Processing Equipment
2020-05-06 Hits : 523

CopierLand Co., Ltd., (CEO Lee Ki-Duk, www.copierland.com), the No. 1 manufacturer and exporter of double-wire, will participate in the K-PRINT 2020 exhibition from November 12 to 15 to unveil its new hydraulic guillotine and new post processing equipment.

CopierLand has upgraded the new hydraulic guillotine to accommodate the domestic market.  Product highlights include increased durability, easier maintenance, and ability to install and work in small work spaces.

CopierLand’s experienced technical personnel run a national service and installation network through which they also directly supply consumables for the ease and convenience of their customers. CopierLand is also the exclusive distributor of the IDEAL guillotine, which is widely recognized for its premium quality and performance.  The company has recently increased collaboration with several global companies to develop and supply post-print processing equipment.

During this exhibition, CopierLand will present and offer the opportunity to experience a variety of post-print processing equipment, including hydraulic guillotines, six roller lamination machines for professionals recognized for their performance in government tenders and global exports, and specialized post-processing equipment such as automatic wire binders and plastic coil insertion machines developed with their own technology. 

This year CopierLand celebrates the 45th anniversary of its establishment and one of its new initiatives is to expand its product sphere of specialized office equipment to include post-processing machinery. To this end, they have heavily invested in training of new and existing personnel. Lastly due to the slowdown in the domestic economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company plans to support the market by offering special pricing to customers who pre-order products during the period of the exhibition.