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K-PRINT 2020 Press release
2020-07-27 Hits : 31

A new opportunity in the post-COVID-19 era, K-PRINT 2020

Held at Ilsan KINTEX Exhibition Center II Hall from Sep. 2nd to 5th!!

■ K-PRINT, the international printing industry exhibition that prints the future!

- 6 Exhibitions held all at once: KIPES, K-Label, K-Pack, K-DigiPrint, K-Textile, K-Sign&AD!

K-PRINT, the nation’s largest festival for printing companies will be held for 4 days (Sep. 2nd – 5th) at the Ilsan KINTEX Exhibition Center II Hall to showcase the vision of the rapidly evolving printing industry.

K-PRINT 2020, co-organized by Korea E & Ex and the Korean Printers Association, is a prominent exhibition selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy that holds sponsors including the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Gyeonggido, and KOTRA. In line with the trend of the printing market where the printing industry is expanding and converging with various industries, K-PRINT brings to you a more professionalized and specified exhibition by holding 6 exhibitions at once: KIPES, K-Label, K-Pack, K-DigiPrint, K-Textile, and K-Sign&AD.

■ K-PRINT 2020, the world’s first printing & packaging exhibition to be held post-COVID-19

Exhibitions in Korea, which had been put on hold due to COVID-19, have been resuming since May with the decreased number of confirmed cases. The exhibition industry has been boasting a clean track record since May with zero confirmed cases.

At K-PRINT 2020, both domestic and foreign companies from the printing/packaging/label/textile/sign field will be showcasing their latest technologies and products. In addition, the government will be funding the lodging expenses for foreign buyers and exhibitors whose visits had been suppressed by COVID-19.

■ See the latest high-end printing equipment all at once!

As this year’s K-PRINT encompasses the 6 different exhibitions that will open up a new future for the printing industry, it is the perfect opportunity to gain the competitiveness needed to face the challenges of the new market as well as see what’s in store for the future.

Along with the latest Label-related equipment, various Prepress and post-processing equipment, printing solutions that expedite the printing process, and various printing methods applied to different materials, various technologies applied in the medical, electronics, architecture, interior and quarantine industry will be showcased.

■ The latest information on printing, events and untact business programs for information exchange

During K-PRINT 2020, seminars on topics including packaging and digital print, design and color, smart label printing, paper, and digital printing applications will be held. Alongside the seminars, on/offline programs such as an online matchmaking system, webinars, a B2B media studio, live streaming of the event will be coordinated to support the untact trend amidst COVID-19.